Heystack AI

Jan 1, 2023

To put it plainly, we've built a fully automated, AI-driven scoring system for referral ranking. This isn't a single-function tool, though; it's a comprehensive solution that utilizes a multi-layered machine learning framework, with the most noteworthy technology being LLM.

The impressive aspect of LLM is its reputation for reliability and robust performance in the tech arena. But where it really stands out in our system is its capability to explain and tag the reasons behind each score it assigns. It doesn't just give you a number, it provides the why and how that number was derived, adding an additional layer of transparency and insight.

Further bolstering our system's performance is the use of parallel text-regression models. This is an advanced method for predicting patterns in text data that aids in refining the scoring accuracy.

Simply put, this is an intelligent, self-regulating AI tool that not only generates precise referral rankings but also provides meaningful insights into each ranking. Its utilization of proven technologies and innovative techniques isn't about flash, but rather, about delivering practical, understandable, and actionable results.

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